Post-Order Reviews

Ask for feedback on your customers satisfaction after a sale or delivery of your service. Find out what your customers think and improve their loyalty to your brand.

Product Reviews

Request reviews of specific products. Find out why your customers love some products more than others. Then act on that information!

Event Reviews

Have you recently run a training course or event? Use the Starfish Ratings system to collect feedback and improve how you deliver your content.

Bridging the gap to your customers

Help Your Customers Decide

According to Nielsen, one of the top 3 factors in a purchase decision is seeing customer reviews. (From People I know 84%, A Known Brand 69% and Customer reviews 68%)

Social Engagement

Allow your customers to share their reviews on their social media accounts. Drive qualified traffic back to your website.

Trusted Reviews

Customer trust is dependent on the reviews being authentic. Starfish Ratings provides an independent verification of your reviews which gives your customers confidence in your brand. According to Nielsen's Global Trust in Advertising Survey 68% trust consumer opinions posted online (2013).

Embed Review Widget

By displaying the review widget in strategic locations in your site, you give confidence to your customers. Confidence builds trust and converts to a solid uplift in sales.


Customer Generated Content. Your customers' reviews, when displayed on your site, will be enhanced with rich snippets. This optimisation will help your ranking in search engine results.

Boost Your Conversion Rates

Research shows that websites which include verified reviews get conversion rates that are 40% higher. There is no simpler way to get more business from your existing website traffic!

Submit Starfish Reviews from Mobile

Enabling Reviews on Mobile Devices

Up to 65% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Our review request page is fully responsive regardless of device. This allows us to capture this traffic in the moment. Your customer can now post their review direct from any smart phone.